New Book: Writing and Publishing a Book Series

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Nicholas C. Rossis

Rayne Hall Book Series | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

Rayne Hall is the successful author of dozens of books in her celebrated Writer’s Craft series. A few months ago, we wrote together a book chock-full of copywriting tips called Copywriting: Get Paid to Write Promotional Texts.

Rayne and I have now finished a new book, Writing and Publishing a Book Series: Success Strategies for Authors. The book contains everything we’ve learned all these years about creating a book series rather than publishing a series of stand-alone novels. If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your book into a series that readers recognize and love or how to boost your books’ potential by creating a series, this is the book for you.

You can now preorderWriting and Publishing a Book Series on Amazon for only $0.99 (0.77 GBP)

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Protect Me by Katie Cross

Katelyn and Vikram have known each other since they were kids, although they haven’t seen each other for a long time.  Vik’s sister Vinita and Kate are best friends.  Kate and Vik still live in the same area, so when Vinita calls because Vik has had surgery and nobody has heard from him, Kate agrees to check on him.  Vik does need help, so Kate agrees to stay with him until he has an easier time getting around on his own.  As it turns out, Kate ends up needing somewhere to stay later when she loses her place, so the arrangement is mutually beneficial.

Kate has loved Vik since she was 10 but doesn’t think the feeling is mutual so she is hesitant to risk telling him.  Additionally, she has a traumatic rape experience and is struggling with this.  Vik has a bad experience with someone he cares about, so he plays the field and shows no interest in settling down.  Kate and Vik start expressing their feelings and gradually learn to trust and help each other.  It’s a slow and sometimes scary process, but they are finally able to admit they love each other and are glad they did.

Protect Me is enjoyable.   I like the interaction between Kate and Vik and how they help each other.  I also like the interaction between Kate and Vinita.  A best friend is a special gift.  There is a positive message about letting go of your fears and accepting help from someone you care about.  I highly recommend Protect Me.