Clean Sweep By Katie Cross

Leslie works at the Frolicking Moose.  She is divorced with four sons.  Tanner runs a house cleaning company.  He is also divorced and has a daughter.  Leslie and Tanner have a connection through their children, although they haven’t met officially.  Tanner coached Leslie’s son, and Tanner’s daughter spends time at the Frolicking Moose and knows Leslie.

When Leslie’s oldest son Landon announces he is dropping out of medical school and marrying Starla, a young woman he hasn’t known very long, Leslie struggles with how to deal with this news.  She decides to start by having her house cleaned before Landon and Starla come to visit.

Tanner’s employees elope and take off on their honeymoon without letting him know ahead of time, so Tanner cleans Leslie’s house himself.  They are attracted to each other from the start and start to bond through being single parents.  They are initially hesitant to acknowledge their feelings and pursue a relationship because of their pasts, but Tanner and Leslie gradually spend time getting to know each other and begin to build a life together.

Clean Sweep is the eighth book in Katie’s Coffee Shop series.  This book is fun, sweet and engaging as are the rest of the books in the series.  I like the interaction between Tanner and Leslie, and the challenges of being a single parent and starting a new relationship is communicated well.  Clean Sweep is enjoyable and defintely worth reading.