Freeform Beginnings

Pat Vogt is an agent with the Bureau of Investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (B.I.U.F.O.) who resigns and becomes a P.I. after an investigation of what is believed to be an alien spaceship goes wrong. Allan Pritchard is a vet who discovers a dog has been impregnated by larvae that can change shape. They work together to stop aliens from taking over society.

I haven’t read that many books about alien invasions, so I wasn’t sure what to think at first. However, I did enjoy the story. The writing is good, the plot is engaging and I like the interaction between Pat and Allan. There is some adult language and content, but it isn’t excessive or graphic and does fit with the story. This isn’t a book for young children though.

It does seem the assumption is that aliens want to take over everything. I do understand there has to be conflict and an antagonist, but it would be different to read a story where the aliens aren’t the bad guys (something like E.T., although it has been awhile since I’ve seen that movie).

I am curious about what happens to Pat and Allan and will read the rest of the series when I can.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Watching  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every year is a tradition for me.

I love how Lucy talks Charlie Brown into kicking the football and pulls it away.

The scene where Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Linus are making toast and popcorn is fun.

The scene when they are eating has a good message about Thanksgiving not being about food.

Snoopy and Woodstock eating their own Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite scene.

Mute Vanity- #Autumn #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld

Love this.


Whispers of chill Caress the vale

Golden and Crimson Memory

Restful is the deep exhale

As Stillness Transcends Pagentry

Soft and Lavish comes the night

of Splendor in Subtle Majesty

Sable surfeit what once was bright

Lies sighing in mute vanity





Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original Photographer.  Thank You!

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