I did a review of Logan on my other blog.  I enjoyed this movie; I like Hugh Jackman.  I did miss the other X-Men, but I liked the interaction between Logan and the children he was helping, particularly Laura (Dafne Keen)

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Adam West


I was sorry to hear about Adam West’s passing.  I loved the Batman show from the 60s when I was a kid.  Batman was campy by today’s standards, but the show was kid friendly and better than some of the more recent shows.  RIP.



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Adam West

Gifted: the Mysterious Edinburgh Book Sculptures

A cool blog post by Nicholas Rossis about book sculptures.

Nicholas C. Rossis

In 2011, ten exquisite sculptures made from books mysteriously appeared at libraries and cultural institutions across Edinburgh. The first and last were found here at the Scottish Poetry Library, and also a final gift at the end of 2012. The sculptures came with a simple message: ‘in support of books, libraries, words, ideas’. To this day, no one knows how they arrived, and the identity of the sculptor remains anonymous, but their story has traveled all over the world.

The artist’s note ‘… a library is so much more than a building full of books… a book is so much more than pages full of words.…in support of libraries, books, words, ideas…’ forms a refrain running through the all of the works, both celebration and call to action.

See all sculptures and find out more about this unusual mystery on the Scottish Poetry Library’s website.

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In Firstborn, the sequel to The Progeny which I blogged about HERE, Audra Ellison discovers the secret she sacrificed her memory and identity to protect.  Now she is on the run and struggling to control her powers.  With the help of a heretic monk and her friends Claudia, Piotrek and Jester, Audra sets out to save someone she cares for deeply and end a centuries-old war.

There was a delay in the release of the second book in the Descendants of the House of Bathory series, but it was worth the wait.  Audra is a strong character, and there is a lot of action.  The idea of being on the run makes for a good story.  I especially like the interaction between Audra, Luka, Claudia, Piotrek and Jester, their friendship and how they care for each other.

I would highly recommend Firstborn; this is a very enjoyable book.

The Restorer


Amelia Gray has an unusual job as a cemetery restorer, and can see ghosts, an ability her father also has.  While restoring a graveyard in Charleston, a body that doesn’t belong there is found, and Amelia assists Detective John Devlin (who has his own secrets and abilities) in the investigation.

I like Amelia’s unique job, and the setting in Charleston.  There is so much history in the South; the grave restoration profession is intriguing.  The background information about Amelia’s childhood and how her father gives her rules to follow is interesting.  Devlin is a mysterious character, and the interaction between Devlin and Amelia is well-done.  I would recommend this book (the first in the Graveyard Series by Amanda Stevens).