The Birth of #Spring – #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld

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Herald of Spring


The Silver Light of Winter
Has Spread her Arms and Laid Her head
Upon the mantle of the Frozen earth
To Kiss the Birth of Spring Instead.

The Pearlescent Light of April
Sweetly Smiles over Waking fields,
Verdant greens within Her Hand,
As Flowing colours of Renewal She Wields.

The Balmy Glow of Springtime
Tenderly Laughs in Jocund Glee,
Embracing all of Life within
Her Ornate, Fragrant Tapestry.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Bente Schlick

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The Twice-Drowned Prince

In The Twice-Drowned Prince by L.M. Morrison, a prince is rescued by a mermaid after a shipwreck and makes a deal with a witch to become a Mer.  However, the deal comes with a price:  His rescuer must fall in love with him, or he will turn to sea foam.  Also, the prince is still partly human and this complicates thing as the prince struggles to find balance between his two natures.

This retelling of The Little Mermaid is engaging and well-written.  The author does an excellent job of addressing the themes of mercy, forgiveness, human nature and love as the prince and the mermaid learn about each other and their worlds.  I like the interaction between the prince and the mermaid, and I like how the prince becomes a Mer rather than the mermaid becoming human.  The role reversal of the prince and the mermaid is interesting.  I would recommend The Twice-Drowned Prince. 

Long Night- #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld




Velvet Lavender in the Glittering Night,
Stretching, Reaching, for Ribbons of Light.
Yawning Boughs that Nod their Heads,
Warmly Tucked in their Snowy Beds,
Dreaming of Summer’s Languid Days,
While Starlight, Dancing in the Dark Skies, Plays.
Stillness Caressing the Silence, Seeking
Winter’s Breath, Quietly Keeping,
Until Sunlight’s Kiss Stirs Once More,
Upon the Chill of Long Night’s Door.

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