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Facing the Sun

In the country of Cormina, newborn babies are blessed by the midwives with magical gifts that manifest in a specific area of the body at puberty.  These areas are sight, stride, speech, hearing and touch.  Tavi Malin is blessed throughout her body, and this will be significant as she gets older.

Later, after Tavi has started school, her friend Narre is taken by a group of people who are unhappy with conventional magic and want to use magic without limits (gray magic) for their own gain.  Tavi, along with her sister Misty and friends Sall and Tullen, go on a journey to rescue Narre.

Facing the Sun by Carol Beth Anderson is engaging and imaginative.  The plot and characters are interesting, and the writing is very good.  I like the connection between childbirth and magic, and I like the interaction between Tavi and her friends.  The issues Tavi and her friends deal with are things all young people deal with:  Wanting to fit in, not feeling good enough, feeling hurt when friendships change, and discovering love.  This is done without any explicit material or bad language. I especially like the idea of “I am enough” that Tavi learns about and incorporates into her thinking.

The only drawback is the book ends in a cliffhanger; you have to read the other two books in the series to find out what happens.  I want to find out what happens to Tavi and her friends in spite of this and will read the other books when I get a chance. Facing the Sun is worth reading and I am interested in following the further adventures of the characters.