In The Shack, Mack Phillips and his family suffer a devastating loss.  Mack finds himself in a very dark place, but he comes to understand that the existence of pain and loss doesn’t mean God doesn’t care.

This is a thought provoking book.   The main theme is God’s love for humans and His desire to have relationship with them.  Some other ideas the author brings up are:  God gives people the choice to trust and depend on Him or not, and evil results when people choose to be independent of God.  The author also points out that God doesn’t cause bad things, or stop bad things from happening.  However, He can and does use bad circumstances for His purpose.

Other issues addressed are how people tend to have preconceived and narrow concepts of God, how relationship with God isn’t dependent on our performance, and that forgiveness doesn’t make someone’s actions okay or mean you have to have a relationship with them.

I highly recommend reading about Mack’s journey of faith.


A cool post from Cynthia Morgan.


Nature 1

Nature is the Truest, Most Constant Blessing
Whispering to the Heart with Lilting Tones
Singing to the Spirit in visions

Nature 2

We can Choose to Listen to her Melody
Allow ourselves to be swept up in the Harmony
Permit the Song to Penetrate and Purify

Nature 3

Yet, Like any Sweet Melodic Song
We can also Choose to ignore it,

Nature 4

And Like any Blessing, we can
Abuse it,
Destroy it,


or Chop it down.


Will you Listen to the Sweet Song?
Will You Gently Sing Along?



Waterfall: Plitvice National Park Croatia By : Andrea Pozzi

Geysers : Fly Geyser, Washoe County, Nevada – United States

Woven Trees found at :

Additional Images found on Pinterest

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King Arthur Stories

For my re-read challenge, which I last blogged about HERE  I finished the holiday stories by Washington Irving and Charles Dickens, and read The Nutcracker.  I am still plugging away at the King Arthur collection, specifically Le Morte d’ Arthur.  It is long.  I will finish this collection as soon as I can.

I think next on my re-read challenge will be Peter Pan.


And Alice In Wonderland and then I’ll go on from there.










I blogged about a couple of TV shows on my other blog-Robin Hood


And the 9th season of Dr. Who.  The link is HERE



A lovely poem from Cynthia Morgan.




Like Rain upon the Mourning Cloud,
Falling from the Tumbling Thunder
In Torrents of Refreshing chasms
That Cleanse and Renew,
Down the barriers,
Changing bleak and miserable
Into New Growth and New Life,
Generating a Season of Joy
Only by the Gathering of Clouds
From which Rivers of Life
Shall once Again


Gorgeous Image found on Google Image Search.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer. Thank You~

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This is beautiful.


(Please enhance the poem by listening to the music while reading.)


Words Spun through willowy Time



In Harmonious Rhyme

Song Sung in the Birth of Breath

Melody Woven

In Life

In Death

Tranquility Dancing in each phrase

Ancient Whispers of Forgotten Praise

Breathe in Me

Most Melodious Rhyme

Spin Your Magic

Like Symphony Sublime


Delicate Touch of Unspoken Love



From the Blissful Cosmos Above

Tapestry of poetic Calm

In Dapples of Light

In the Deep Breathless Balm

Patience Bending upon the Wing

Peaceful Unity Longing to Bring

Breathe in Me

O Most Melodious Rhyme

Weave your Serenity

A Masterpiece, Sublime!


Sing Sweet Spirit

Touch my Heart

Wake my Mind

Sing in Me

So I Sing in Kind!





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Beautiful Original Music: ( Lisa Gerrard &…

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I wrote about some TV shows I’ve been watching on my other blog.

TV shows