T.V. shows: 1960s-1970s

Some of my favorite shows when I was a kid back in the (gasp!) late 1960s-1970s were:


I loved the Monkees, especially Davy Jones.  I think he was my first crush.  I was probably six or seven though, what does an 6 or 7-year-old know?


I liked some of the Sci-Fi shows.


Lost In Space was worth watching just to hear Dr. Smith and the robot argue.


Kirk, Mr. Spock and Bones…’Nuff said.

I liked medical dramas. Especially if they happened to have cute firemen.


Emergency! was a must watch.  I still love it. It documented the beginning of the paramedic program. Of course a lot of the information is out of date now, but it’s interesting to see how the paramedic program started and how far it has come since then. This show was one of the first modern medical shows. There were other medical shows before it but Emergency! explored an important change to the medical profession that has saved a lot of lives. There was enough comedy to offset the dramatic rescues; some of the banter between the characters (especially Johnny and Chet) was hilarious. Johnny Gage was my favorite character, although I liked all the actors.


I liked cop shows.


Adam-12 paved the way for future cop shows.

Adam-12 was on the air during the same time as Emergency!.  It started and then ended several years before Emergency!. The cast of Adam-12 and Emergency! guest starred on each other’s show a few times. The overall atmosphere of Adam-12 was a little more serious (although there were some humorous moments) than Emergency!  This was an engaging show that followed what the main characters, Pete Malloy (Marty Milner) and Jim Reed (Kent McCord) had to deal with as police officers. 

And I liked comedies.


Mork and Mindy was a wonderful show thanks mostly to Robin Williams, although the rest of the cast was good too. You could relate to Mork trying to fit into life on earth and learning about humans.

Mork and Mindy was actually a spin off from Happy Days…I liked Happy Days a lot too. It was set during a time that was simpler, and how could you not love Fonzie? The interaction between the whole cast was excellent though.


I’ll talk about shows from the 1980s next time.

I got these images from Wikipedia.


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