2000 and beyond…T.V. shows.

I’ve talked about being a Scott Bakula fan in several posts, but I think I’d have liked Star Trek: Enterprise even if he hadn’t had a lead role.  I thought the early years of the Enterprise was an interesting time to set the series; Kirk and crew didn’t exist yet so they didn’t have to compete with them.


I love NCIS; the cast’s chemistry is marvelous and they are perfect for their roles.  Mark Harmon is perfect as tough, no nonsense team leader Gibbs, who has a kind heart lurking under the gruff exterior.  He was deeply affected by the deaths of his wife and daughter but pretty much keeps that to himself. I like the rest of the actors a lot but it wouldn’t be the same without Gibbs’ character.  I am waiting to see will happen since Cote de Pablo has left.


I haven’t really watched CSI since William Peterson left; Gil Grissom was important to the show. CSI was innovative in its early years, and the way Grissom ran the investigations along with his quirky one-liners played a big part in the show’s appeal. 



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