Catching Fire


Catching Fire, the next book in the Hunger Games trilogy, continues where the first book left off.

The 74th Hunger Games are over, and Katniss and Peeta have returned home as the winners. The Capital is angry, though, over the rebellion they believe Katniss has inspired by her defiance that allowed more than one Hunger Games victor.

The winners of the Hunger Games are compelled to go on a victory tour through the Districts of Panem and Katniss and Peeta discover how determined the Capital is to squash any hint of defiance.

Every 25 years, there is what is referred to as a “Quarter Quell”, when the Capital adds a new twist to the annual Games. Twenty-four former victors are picked to participate in the 75th Hunger Games in this Quarter Quell.

Katniss once again proves to be resourceful, loyal and brave as she, Peeta and other tributes outwit the Capital. There is a good message here about working together when facing difficult circumstances and sticking up for what is right. Katniss and Peeta survive another year of the Hunger Games. There is a price to pay, however; the Capital is not happy with Katniss for not doing what is expected of her. The end of Catching Fire sets up Mockingjay, the final book, nicely.

Catching Fire is fast-paced and engages the reader from beginning to end. The setting is interesting and the characters are well developed. This is a book I will be reading again.


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