The third book in the Hunger Games trilogy wraps up the adventures of Katniss and Panem. 

Mockingjay is probably the grittiest and most graphic of the Hunger Games books. In the aftermath of the 75th Hunger Games, the Capital ruthlessly destroys District 12 as a consequence of rebellion.

Katniss finds out District 13 hasn’t been destroyed but has gone underground and is instrumental in the uprising against the Capital. She stays there and has a hard time adjusting to the extremely structured life. Katniss becomes the Mockingjay, the symbol of the Districts’ rebellion, but on the condition the other tributes are pardoned. As in the first two books, she’s willful, loyal, caring and hides her vulnerability by being standoffish and not letting people too close.

The author clearly communicates the devastating effect of war on everyone involved. The actions of both the Capital and the rebels are brutal, and things are not the same even years after the war. There is also a good message about working together to stand against evil without letting your own agenda distract you and doing your best to do what is right.


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