Game of Thrones Update and new Tosca Lee books

I’m 377 pages into Game of Thrones, about half-way through.  I am getting there.  This isn’t a book that should be read quickly; it is better to give yourself a chance to absorb it.

Tosca Lee released The Legend of Sheba: The Rise of a Queen along with a short prequel, Ismeni, recently.  I love this lady’s books; she is an amazing writer.  I finished Ismeni pretty quickly and I’ve started Sheba.  It is amazing how she can take a character mentioned only briefly in the Bible and build a story around her.


The short e-book isn’t required to understand Sheba, but it has some good background information on the Queen of Sheba’s mother and the culture.


I’m not that far into Sheba yet, but the plot, the setting and characters are all fascinating.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks will be next on my list.  In the meantime, I am going to focus on getting Game of Thrones finished.


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