Catching Up–Progress with Game of Thrones and other stuff

I’m just about done with Game of Thrones; I have 20 more pages and I’m finished.  I need a break from fantasy so I will get started on the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by this weekend.

I’m also still plugging away at Lord of the Rings and Sheba by Tosca Lee.   I’m enjoying reacquainting myself with LOTR but it’s another long one, so I will take my time getting through it.  I’m loving Sheba.


I did watch the first episode of the TV show Game of Thrones.  Most of the show is filmed in Ireland; the photography is gorgeous. The acting, sets and costumes are good.  I won’t be going out of my way to continue watching it; it follows the book fairly closely and I don’t want to rehash the book.

I’ve also been reacquainting myself with the TV show Highlander after not watching it for a number of years.  It’s a good show; the different timelines between the past and present are interesting.

And of course it helps that Adrian Paul is nice-looking.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Catching Up–Progress with Game of Thrones and other stuff

  1. That’s great you’re almost done with Game of Thrones. It’s such an intimidating read, but I want to read it one day. I have watched season one and two of the television show and really liked it. Now I just need to read the book.

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