NCIS: New Orleans and Once Upon a Time


I am delighted that Scott Bakula is on TV every week again…It’s been too long.  I’m enjoying NCIS:  New Orleans. The characters have a good chemistry, and I love that they have had Scott play piano a couple of times.


I am also very happy another season of Once Upon a Time has started.  I am liking the Frozen story line.  I think it’s imaginative and fits with the overall story.


One thought on “NCIS: New Orleans and Once Upon a Time

  1. I’ve watched Once Upon a Time from the start and this is one of my favorite seasons. They really did the Frozen story line well. Rumple’s my favorite character and I’m curious what’s in store for him.

    I’m watching NCIS New Orleans too though mostly because my mom likes it. I was surprised when she said last week that she liked it better than NCIS anymore. It’s really the characters and their relationships that make those shows.

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