Interview With Devin Berglund

Fun interview with a couple of cool writers.

Evan W.S. Morgan

You may remember last month, I had Devin as a guest poster on the website (you can read her post here). A few weeks later, I got the opportunity to send Devin some questions about writing, editing, and Story! She has some awesome answers, so be sure to read it below.

1. What does your usual writing day look like?

Usually my writing day looks something like waking up, wanting to write. Check Facebook and social media, get distracted by something online, make breakfast, run errands, work, dinner, get home, go for a run, think about writing, make supper. Think about/ procrastinate writing until about 10 PM. And then I start writing. (Which then I stay up pretty late.) Procrastination is something I’ve always dealt with in my art.

2. What do you want your usual writing day to look like?

I would love for my writing day to look…

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