My dog Butterscotch


My friend Heidi wrote a sweet poem about my dog Butterscotch.  The link to her Facebook page is  Poems For Pawsterity   and her page for her cats is Happy Tails To You


I am a dog who loves

with all my heart.

And this is a story

about two who will

never part.

Even though I am

in heaven, my heart

will always be.

Down here on earth

with the mommy who

loves me.

We were pals, two peas

in a pod.  I know that I

was sent to mommy

by God.

I’d sit with her while

she watched TV,

resting my head

upon her knee.

I’d look up to her

for a scratch behind

the ears.  We were

together for so many


And when mommy

had a little snack,

my nose had to

sniff out what she

had and I lacked.

I needed a taste

and I needed it

quick.  If she

wasn’t looking,

I’d take a lick.

And if mommy

ever caught me

being bad. I’d give

her my doe eyes

and look really sad.

I wanted to do all

that mommy would

And I wanted

all the human things too!

Human food and a human

bed with a human pillow

for my head!

I warned my mommy

when trouble was near.

When she was with me,

she had no fear.

Mommy would turn and

go the other way.

She always trusted

what I had to say.

And I trusted my mommy

with all I knew.  And when

I was sick, she knew what

to do.

She made sure that I wasn’t

in pain.  And made a decision

that made tears fall like rain.

But mommy was with me

till the very last. Her love

echoed in my ears as

I passed.

I felt very secure even

then you see. Because

my mommy loves me


And that is why my

heart stays here.

With my mommy

who always did care.

I still sit beside her

on the couch and

watch TV.

And I gaze at her

so lovingly.

I’ll be right here

forever more

until I greet you

at heaven’s door.

(c)  Heidi A. Dietrich

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