Passing along a lovely post from Cynthia.


Home 1

Sing to my Heart a New, Old Song,
Oh Love long lost and so Far Away;
Sing me Home to Your Loving Arms
And Ne’re Again Let me Stray
From Your Grassy Fens and Viridian Wolds,
Where Promise Waits like a Beauteous Rose;
Ever Sing to my Heart of Days of Old,
Of Your Emerald Sea, of Hope and Prose.

Draw me back to Your Sweet Embrace,
Protect me in Your Velveteen Hues;
Ever I have longed to Look Upon Your Face,
While my Patience Plods, Paying her Dues.
Yet Far Away Your Beauty Calls Me,
Out of the Distance, Future and Past;
Guiding me On to Your Tranquility,
To Lie in Your Verdant Hills, At Last.


This Poem is my attempt to Express the Deep Longing, the incessant Call I feel and hear to Return to the Homeland of my Fathers; to Return to Wales, the Home I have…

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