What I’ve Been Reading


I heard that song before

I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark is a pretty good book, but the plot is similar in some ways to the last book by Mary Higgins Clark that I reviewed Here.  I won’t do a long review, but the story centers around the disappearance of a young college student.  The events leading up to the guilty individual being exposed are interesting, and the villain isn’t who I expected.

last seven months

The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank is a  heartbreaking, but informative and moving memoir of the events after the arrest of the people in the Secret Annex.  I’ve read Anne’s diary a number of times, but the diary ends right before the arrest of Anne, her family and the other people with them in hiding.  There is no more from Anne’s point of view after her diary ends.  This book gives perspective of what happened to the Frank family between the time they were arrested and the liberation.  This book consists of interviews with people who had contact with the Frank family at the concentration camps they were sent to after their arrest, and gives first-hand accounts of what went on in the concentration camps.

King Arthur Stories

I read King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Sir James Knowles as part of my re-read challenge I last blogged about Here.  These stories are part of the book The King Arthur Collection published by Maplewood Books.  This collection has six stories by different authors.  There are quite a few stories about King Arthur, so it is good to have different stories in one book. Knowles’ stories were originally published  in 1919, a little later than the other King Arthur stories, but are still wonderful.

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