Beauty and the Beast


I read Beauty and the Beast by K.M. Shea.  I like different versions of fairy tales, and this is a good take on the story.

The basic idea is the same.  The Beast is under a curse until he loves and is loved, but there are enough differences to make it interesting.  The way Elle and Severin meet is imaginative.   I like the interaction between Severin and Elle, and Severin and his brother.  I like that Elle is one of the guardians of the land and is a strong character.  There aren’t enough strong female characters in fairy tales in my opinion.  Of course Elle and Severin end up together at the end, but this is a mutual decision, not because a helpless girl has been rescued by a Prince.

Enjoyable, but overall I prefer the Disney movie.  I prefer the Disney versions of all the fairy tales.



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