Dr. Who: Beautiful Chaos


Most popular TV shows have novels based on the series, and Dr. Who is no exception.  I have novels from Quantum Leap and Star Trek:  Enterprise.  I just read my first Dr. Who book, Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell.  I like David Tennant a lot, so this 10th Doctor and Donna adventure is enjoyable.

The plot involves an evil entity called Madame Delphi that is trying to take over the earth and build a new empire.  It turns out Madame Delphi is the evil alien Mandragon Helix.  This being had its rear kicked by Dr. Who in the 15th century, so the creature understandably isn’t fond of the Doctor.  Dr. Who arrives and outwits Mandragon with the help of Donna, her Granddad, Wilf (Wilfred), and Wilf’s friend Netty (Henrietta).  They also have the help of a couple of young boys who provide information the Doctor needs to defeat Mandragon. The story is entertaining and true to the TV show.  The concept of someone getting on the Internet and manipulating records makes an interesting problem for the Doctor to solve.

What I like best about the book is the interaction between Dr. Who and Donna, Donna and Wilf, Donna and her Mom (Sylvia), and Wilf and Netty.  The relationship between Wilf and Netty is especially touching; there is some good insight on people who have to deal with dementia, and the way Netty helps defeat Madame Delphi is clever.

Worth the read, although it isn’t better than the show.  That will usually be the case with a book based on a show or movie based on a book.  I’m not going to rush to read a lot of Dr. Who novels, at least not right now.  I’m still new to the program and need to become more familiar with the show.


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