The Progeny


Imagine forgetting everything you know and starting a whole new life with a different identity, and then not knowing who to trust because you have no recollection of the past.

This is what happens to Audra Elliot when she “dies” after a procedure that wipes her memory.  She becomes Emily Porter and relocates to a small Maine town where she plans to lay low.  However, things get complicated when she meets two men who both claim to be protecting her from the other.  These men are important for Audra to understand her past, and they go on a journey of uncovering century-old secrets and fighting to survive.

Audra finds out that she is a descendent of Elizabeth Bathory (a serial killer known as the “Blood Countess”) who lived from 1560 to 1614.  The families of the young women she killed formed a society called the Scion of the Dispossessed and this group sends Hunters to wipe out Bathory’s descendants.

What I liked:  Tosca’s writing style is engaging as always.  I love historical novels, and Eastern Europe (especially Romania and Hungary) fascinates me.   The concept of having to erase your memory and start over is a great idea to work with.  I find ancient secret societies intriguing.  There is certainly a lot of action, and a lot of questions are raised that end in quite a cliffhanger which only begins to hint at what Audra is running from or protecting.

What I wondered about:  There are a lot of characters to keep up with, and I found the scenes when the characters went to what appeared to be the equivalent of Mardi Gras (or perhaps a Rave party) a little puzzling, but it didn’t make the story less interesting.

Overall an enjoyable story and I am looking forward to the next installment.



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