In Lichgates, the first book of the Grimoire saga, we are introduced to Kara Magari.  She is a college student who recently lost her mother and is going through a hard time.  She is hiking in the Rocky Mountains when she stumbles across a book of magic called the Grimoire and unwittingly becomes its master.  When Kara discovers a hidden portal leading to the magical realm of Ourea, she unwillingly becomes a pawn in a years-old conflict.  Will Kara do her part to make things right?

Braeden Drakonin has been living a lie.  He meets Kara, and the Grimoire offers a chance for redemption.  He cares about Kara and is faced with having to decide what is more important-helping her or obtaining the Grimoire for his own purposes.

This is an enjoyable story for the most part.  The world of Ourea and some of the creatures there are imaginative.   The themes of trust, choices and redemption are good ideas to work with.  Walking through a portal to another dimension works for fantasy.  However, the writing is rather choppy; the editing could have been better.  I can overlook that if I enjoy the story, but it understandably is distracting for some readers.

I liked this book, but it’s not something I would go out of my way to read again, and I don’t plan on rushing to read the rest of the series.



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