The Lightning Thief


In The Lightning Thief, troubled 12-year-old Percy Jackson discovers he is the son of Poseidon and that Zeus and Hades are his uncles.  He goes on a quest with his friends Annabeth and Grover to recover the master bolt (stolen from Zeus) and helm of darkness (stolen from Hades).  The friends’ adventures include dealing with gods, monsters, the Harpies, and someone they think is a friend who turns out to be otherwise.

For the most part, I enjoyed The Lightning Thief, the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  Riordan is a good writer and I like Greek mythology-themed stories.  Friends working together to accomplish something and how they overcome challenges along the way makes for good material.  However, the similarity to the books about a certain young wizard who attends Hogwarts is a bit obvious.  While it is not unheard of for books to have similar plots with different settings and characters, it can be a challenge for an author to make the story their own.  The setting is what interests me most.  I will read the other books in the series when I get a chance.


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