Fairy Keeper (World of Aluvia Book 1)


Fourteen-year-old Sierra Quinn is a fairy keeper in the world of Aluvia, and she hates this, primarily because she feels trapped in a life she didn’t choose.  This is compounded by her abusive father, Jack, who uses the fairy nectar Sierra collects to make illegal elixir rather than for healing.  It doesn’t help that these fairies are more like bees and can be very annoying and irritable.

Sierra discovers the young fairies she takes care of are dead and the queen is missing. When Jack trades her sister Phoebe to be an elixir runner to make up for lost income, Sierra goes on a journey with her best friend, Corbin, worst enemy, Nell, and Micah, a faun they meet along the way.  Together, they work to make things right and rescue Phoebe.

Fairy Keeper is imaginative and well-written.  It’s interesting that the fairies aren’t the cute little creatures in most stories.  I like the interaction between the characters and the descriptions of the forest and mountains.  I especially like the way Sierra comes to terms with her calling and how she begins to try to understand why people (specifically Nell) behave the way they do.  I would recommend Fairy Keeper, and I want to read the next book in the series, Mer-Charmer.


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