Flaming Tree


This is the cover of the paperback edition of Flaming Tree that I read.


This is the cover of the hardcover edition, and actually fits better with the storyline.  The cover was changed for the paperback edition, probably to play up the romance which isn’t really the main point of the story, although it is a factor.

Kelsey Stewart is a physical therapist who works with children who have been injured.  She is devoted to her job, but goes through a rough time when she is in a car accident that takes the life of her young son Mark.  To make things worse, Kelsey’s husband Carl blames her for the tragedy and their marriage ends.

Kelsey is introduced to the Hammond family through her Aunt Elaine.  Tyler Hammond is going through his own trials because of an accident that has left his son Jody brain damaged and his wife Ruth unable to walk.  By helping Jody, Kelsey begins the healing process, faces her challenges, and uncovers some dark family secrets.

I liked this book.  The setting is wonderful.  I’ve been to the Carmel area, although it has been quite a while, and it is gorgeous.  Kelsey is a strong, likeable character. The interaction between her and the other characters, particularly Jody and Tyler, is well done.  The themes of healing by helping others and dealing with secrets are interesting.  Flaming Tree is worth reading.


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