Lovesick by Katie Cross

Lovesick is the second book in the Coffee Shop series.  It’s a stand-alone story, so it’s not necessary to read the first book, Coffee Shop Girl, although it is beneficial in understanding the character’s backgrounds.

After JJ rescues Lizbeth from a car accident, Lizbeth, JJ and his brother Mark become part of each other’s lives.  They have seen each other in the local coffee shop but didn’t interact regularly, although Lizbeth has had feelings for JJ for a long time.  When Lizbeth needs a place to stay after another crisis, Mark lets her stay in a cabin nearby and offers her a job designing a website and organizing the files for his business.

Lizbeth and JJ discuss their views about romance.  Lizbeth thinks romance is real and has a large collection of romance books.  JJ doesn’t believe in romance and challenges Lizbeth to prove romance is real.

Lizbeth and JJ have both been hurt.  They come from broken homes and have had some significant losses, which has influenced their ideas about romance.  As they share their views with each other, Lizbeth and JJ become more open to different ideas and begin to change and grow as people.  They also acknowledge they love each other.

Lovesick is a fun, entertaining book with likable characters.  I like the interaction between Lizbeth and JJ and how they open up to and listen to each other.  I especially love the idea that romance is real but as with anything worthwhile, it takes a lot of work.

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