Fighter by Katie Cross

Serafina (Sera) is a waitress at the local diner who is dealing with an abusive brother and his drug dealer girlfriend.  Benjamin (Ben) is a well-known martial artist who is dealing with being a single parent to a lively little girl, Ava. 

Sera and Ben meet when Sera stops by the martial arts studio where Ben works to see about taking a self-defense training class.  Ben helps Sera with her brother and his girlfriend, and Sera helps Ben take care of Ava.  They are attracted to each other and getting to a point where they can admit this is a sometimes painful and sometimes amusing process.

Fighter is enjoyable and engaging with a positive message.   The mountain setting is wonderful.   I like the interaction between the characters.  There are some touching moments between Sera and Ben, Ava and Sera, and Ava and Sera’s parents.

I especially like how Sera and Ben’s relationship is mutual.  Although they have challenges, they reach outside of themselves and help each other.  Sera and Ben aren’t the helpless victim types.  They aren’t perfect, but they realize they have issues that need to be addressed and take steps to do so.  Sera and Ben acknowledge their love for each other and develop a loving relationship in the process.

Fighter is the fourth book in the Coffee Shop series and another fun, worthwhile story by Katie Cross.   

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