Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs

Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist living and working in Montreal, Canada, believes there is a connection in cases involving women whose bodies have been mutilated in a similar fashion.  The Canadian police aren’t inclined to believe this unfortunately.

Circumstances change when a friend of Brennan’s is murdered, and evidence suggests someone is after Brennan and her daughter Katy.  Brennan is confronted by the killer and in danger before she manages to get away from him and he is brought to justice.

Pros:  Brennan is an engaging character.  She’s tough on the outside and sticks up for herself as necessary.  On the inside, she is vulnerable and struggling with the tragedy she deals with at work.  The information on how investigations are conducted and the French phrases throughout the book are interesting.

Cons:  I don’t care for the bad language, although in this case it fits into the context of the story.  The content is gruesome, which of course isn’t surprising.  Murder and forensics aren’t pleasant.  However, there is no balance.  I’m familiar with the TV show Bones, although I haven’t watched it for a while.  The book and the show are very different.  The investigations on the show are gruesome also, but the interaction between Brennan and Booth is funny and provides a break from the grimness.  The book is rather long too.

For the most part, I enjoyed Deja Dead, and I will likely read more books by Ms. Reichs, but I’m not going to rush to do so.

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