What I’m Reading

King Arthur Stories

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged about my re-read challenge.  I am still plugging away at Le Morte d’Arthur.  It is long and I’m taking my time.  I started out reading Le Morte d’Arthur in the version above.  I am finishing up in the version below.  I will finish this book as soon as I can and move on, but rather than have a re-read challenge, I’ll just blog about books I’m revisiting.


I finished The Silver Music Box by Mina Baites recently and will post a review as soon as possible.  This is a story of a family starting in the early 1900s (during the First World War) and ending in the 1960s.


I am currently reading Let Go by Sheila Walsh.  She released some very good records in the 1980s-early 1990s and she is a good writer.  The main point of the book is to trust God and look to God for your self-image, not other people or your circumstances.  I will do a longer review later.


What I’m Reading-Re-Read challenge

King Arthur Stories

For my re-read challenge, which I last blogged about HERE  I finished the holiday stories by Washington Irving and Charles Dickens, and read The Nutcracker.  I am still plugging away at the King Arthur collection, specifically Le Morte d’ Arthur.  It is long.  I will finish this collection as soon as I can.

I think next on my re-read challenge will be Peter Pan.


And Alice In Wonderland and then I’ll go on from there.









What I’m Reading


Starry Night: A Celestial Adventure by Julian Froment is a collection of poems inspired by the night sky.  The poems are divided into three categories, Constellations, Around the Zodiac and The Planets.  The poems, which are based on Greek and Roman mythology, tell the reader how the various stars, Zodiac signs and planets got their names.

The author captures the vastness of the universe in his poems effectively, and the Greek and Roman mythology point of view is engaging.

I like mythology, especially Greek and Roman mythology, so these poems about the different Greek and Roman gods and heroes, how the planets and constellations got their names is interesting and enjoyable. My favorites are “Andromeda”, “Orion – The Great Hunter”, “Hercules – The Strong Man”, and “Perseus – The Hero”, although all the poems are imaginative and well-done.


Little House in the Ozarks is a fascinating book.  Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote articles for the Missouri Ruralist before she wrote the Little House books.  These articles were written just before and after the First World War from 1911 until 1924.  Laura’s writing offers excellent first-hand information into what life in general, and on a farm specifically, was like in the early 20th century.  She writes about the state of the economy, why farming is so important, and what is necessary to run a farm successfully, among other subjects.  These articles capture Laura’s optimistic, kind, strong, humorous personality very effectively.  Her descriptions of farming and housework before modern technology are interesting, and her thoughts on trying to get more free time and the differences between city and rural life are insightful and amusing.

Since the Little House books document Laura’s life when she was young, her writings chronicling her experiences later give a more complete picture of Laura as a person.  The only issue I had is that the articles aren’t organized in chronological order.  The book would have been easier to follow if the articles had been in chronological order, but this didn’t prevent me from enjoying these writings tremendously.

King Arthur Stories

I am still reading the stories from The King Arthur Collection, which I last blogged about here. I’m on Idylls of the King by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.  It is long, so I’m taking my time getting through it, and I’m not in a rush.

What I’ve Been Reading


I heard that song before

I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark is a pretty good book, but the plot is similar in some ways to the last book by Mary Higgins Clark that I reviewed Here.  I won’t do a long review, but the story centers around the disappearance of a young college student.  The events leading up to the guilty individual being exposed are interesting, and the villain isn’t who I expected.

last seven months

The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank is a  heartbreaking, but informative and moving memoir of the events after the arrest of the people in the Secret Annex.  I’ve read Anne’s diary a number of times, but the diary ends right before the arrest of Anne, her family and the other people with them in hiding.  There is no more from Anne’s point of view after her diary ends.  This book gives perspective of what happened to the Frank family between the time they were arrested and the liberation.  This book consists of interviews with people who had contact with the Frank family at the concentration camps they were sent to after their arrest, and gives first-hand accounts of what went on in the concentration camps.

King Arthur Stories

I read King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Sir James Knowles as part of my re-read challenge I last blogged about Here.  These stories are part of the book The King Arthur Collection published by Maplewood Books.  This collection has six stories by different authors.  There are quite a few stories about King Arthur, so it is good to have different stories in one book. Knowles’ stories were originally published  in 1919, a little later than the other King Arthur stories, but are still wonderful.

Re-Read Challenge

I finished (nearly) ten books for my re-read challenge for 2015.  I didn’t quite finish Gulliver’s Travels before the end of the year.  Admittedly the books in the Chronicles of Narnia series aren’t long,  but it’s still not bad considering these weren’t the only books I read.  This has been fun.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Chronicles of Narnia


Robin Hood


Gulliver’s Travels


I believe next on my list will be the King Arthur stories.


Infinite Waters by Nicholas Rossis


I finished Infinite Waters by Nicholas  Rossis recently, and this collection of ten short stories is enjoyable.  The stories look at reality in a different way, and one of the stories explores what happens when a dream crosses over into reality.

The narrator meets a woman who wants inspiration for her writing, and the stories that follow are the result.  I like how many of the characters don’t have names; this leaves a lot to the reader’s imagination.  There are references to Greek gods, the Titanic, Star Trek, James Bond and Frankenstein.  The twists on the various references are imaginative.  I certainly see James Bond in a different light now.  While there is an element of creepiness in some of the stories, there are amusing moments also.

The stories are all well-written, but my favorites are James’ LifeWhat’s In a NameIs There a Doctor in the House and Two’s a Crowd.  Infinite Waters is well worth checking out.  

Re-read challenge update


I’m done with The Last Battle, so I’ve finished with The Chronicles of Narnia.


I never get tired of The Chronicles of Narnia and the adventures of the Pevensie children and other characters.

robinhoodbookNext on my list is Robin Hood, but I am going to take a break and read a couple of other books I’ve been wanting to read. That’s part of the fun, I can go at my own pace and take breaks if I need to.

Re-read challenge update


I finished the Silver Chair, which I was reading when I made last month’s post, and I have read The Horse and His Boy.  I am about at the halfway point with The Magician’s Nephew.

Next will be:


The Last Battle, and I will be done with the Chronicles of Narnia.

After that, I plan to read Robin Hood


and then


Gulliver’s Travels.  I am having fun with this.  It will be interesting to see what I have read at the end of the year.  I do have a long list of books I want to re-read.

Re-read challenge update

I am finished with Prince Caspian, which I had started when I last updated.


I read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.


I am nearly finished with The Silver Chair.


The Horse and His Boy is next.


This has been fun, and I am going to continue getting through as much of my re-read list as I am able to.

Update – Re-read challenge

I am finsihed with Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.


I finished the first book in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


I’ve started on the second book in the Narnia series, Prince Caspian..


I am okay with my progress; these aren’t the only books I’m reading, and I’m going to enjoy getting through as much of my re-read list as I can.  The Chronicles of Narnia are a quick read; it shouldn’t take me that long to get through the books.