Spindrift and The Murder of Tutankhamen


In Spindrift, Christy Moreland deals with the challenges of her father dying, a conniving mother-in-law, and a troubled marriage.

I liked this book; I have blogged about Phyllis Whitney’s books before.  The plot is similar to most of her books in that it is about a young woman who has challenges to overcome, but I enjoy those types of stories.  The setting, a mysterious old house by the beach in Rhode Island, is good.  I like that Christy stands up to her mother-in-law and how she and her husband decide to work things out in the end.


In his book The Murder of Tutankhamen, Egyptologist Bob Brier explores the theory that King Tutankhamen was murdered.  His reasoning is that there was a lot of religious and political conflict during Tutankhamen’s reign, and there were individuals who associated with the young pharaoh who had motive to kill him.  The most likely suspects, according to Brier, are Aye, the vizier of Egypt, and Horemheb, commander in chief of the armed forces.  Both these men had a lot to gain as far as power if the pharaoh died.

Some of the evidence that Brier presents are x-rays of Tutankhamen’s skull suggesting a violent death, and the death of several of Tutankhamen’s relatives at around the same time.  The author makes some interesting points and asks some good questions.

I enjoyed The Murder of Tutankhamen; I like ancient history. The writing style is more biographical than scholarly, so it’s easy to follow.  It is important to keep in mind that although politically motivated murders aren’t uncommon, this is just theory.  Also, the particular version of the book I read is from 1998.  I haven’t checked to see if there is an updated revised version that may have more information.  Whatever the case, the ideas in this book are worth thinking about.





Tree of Life – #Inspirational #Poetry

Lovely post from Cynthia.


Tree of Life

Life Pouring

Through Your Embracing Arms,

Spilling over verdant green,

Lush and Magical,

Mystical Charms,

Singing, Dancing,

Like Butterflies of Joy,

Ever New, Ever Giving,

Never aiming to destroy.

Tree of Life,

Breathing Deep,

Water our Thirsty Garden,

Yet, Your Secrets, Quietly Keep.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: azot2014 at Deviantart.com

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Traversing Eternity

A lovely post from Cynthia Morgaon.



Silence Sparkles in Charismatic Form,

Endowing the consciousness with Humility,

Reminding All From what we are Born,

As We Linger, Timeless, in Perpetuity.

Traversing Eternity in Glimmers and Thought,

Inspirational Blessing through the lens is Caught.


Whispers Shimmer from Heaven Afar,

Outward and Inwardly Speaking,

Born of the Essence of Far Distant Star,

Belonging to All, While Endlessly Seeking.

Transcending Reality in Twinkling Light,

Beholding Life through the Glistering Night.

This artist's rendering shows a view of our own Milky Way Galaxy and its central bar as it might appear if viewed from above.

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Acknowledged to the Original Amazing Photographer. Thank You!

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The Lightning Thief


In The Lightning Thief, troubled 12-year-old Percy Jackson discovers he is the son of Poseidon and that Zeus and Hades are his uncles.  He goes on a quest with his friends Annabeth and Grover to recover the master bolt (stolen from Zeus) and helm of darkness (stolen from Hades).  The friends’ adventures include dealing with gods, monsters, the Harpies, and someone they think is a friend who turns out to be otherwise.

For the most part, I enjoyed The Lightning Thief, the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  Riordan is a good writer and I like Greek mythology-themed stories.  Friends working together to accomplish something and how they overcome challenges along the way makes for good material.  However, the similarity to the books about a certain young wizard who attends Hogwarts is a bit obvious.  While it is not unheard of for books to have similar plots with different settings and characters, it can be a challenge for an author to make the story their own.  The setting is what interests me most.  I will read the other books in the series when I get a chance.