What I’m Reading

King Arthur Stories

I am still reading about King Arthur, which I last blogged about HERE

I ended up reading the stories from the book pictured above rather than the book pictured in my blog post HERE

This collection published by Maplewood Books consists of six versions of the King Arthur legend by various writers.  It includes:  Le Morte d’ Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory.  This is the definitive version, but also one of the most challenging because of the older English writing style.  Idylls of the King by Alfred, Lord Tennyson is a retelling of King Arthur in poetic form. King Arthur and His Knights by Maude Radford Warren is a family-friendly version of King Arthur.  King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Sir James Knowles is a simpler version for general readers. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a poem about how Sir Gawain, one of King Athur’s knights, accepts a challenge from the mysterious Green Knight.  The original poem is from the late 14th Century, but there are more modern versions by J.R.R. Tolkien and Simon Armitage.  The last story is A Connecticut in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain, and is about what happens when a young man from the 19th Century is knocked out and wakes up to find himself in King Athur’s court.

The King Arthur Collection provides some historical background about the King Arthur legend and a list of plays, movies and television shows. So far I have finished the stories by Knowles and am nearly finished with Warren’s stories.  I will read the others as I am able.

I actually like this King Arthur story a lot.



I like different takes on the Peter Pan story.  I’m reading The Pan:  Experiencing Neverland by Matthew Hawk Eldridge.  The basic concept is the same; Peter is a boy who refuses to grow up.  However, this Peter is an orphan who runs away from his abusive uncle in England and ends up in Tortuga where he meets Wendy and the lost boys, and of course ends up battling Captain Hook.  This version of Peter Pan is imaginative and engaging.




Peter Pan

I thought it would be fun to talk about one of favorite fictional characters.

I have loved all things Peter Pan since I was a kid. I saw the Disney movie first when I was about five and read the book and watched various film versions of Peter Pan when I was a little older.

Admittedly the book is somewhat darker than the Disney movie, but they’re both about the boy who never grew up. The idea of not growing up might seem appealing. When you stop to think about it though, and as much as I love the world of Neverland, it would be sort of sad to always be the same age. How could you really experience life if you never grew up?

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s not good to be so bogged down in grown up concerns you forget what it’s like to be a kid or how to have fun. There’s a balancing point. I think Hook was a good movie about that dilemma…And Robin Williams was perfect for the role. 🙂

There are other well-done Peter Pan films, but the Disney animated movie and Hook are my favorite movies. And it all started with the book.