Everything We Keep – Kerry Lonsdale


Aimee Tierney faces terrible loss when James Donato, her fiancé, vanishes in a boating accident in Mexico and what authorities believe is his body washes up onto the beach.  Things may not be as they appear, however.  Aimee is informed by a stranger, Lacy, that James is still alive.

Aimee meets Ian Collins, and with his help, she attempts to get some answers and move on with her life.

My take is that the overall concept is good.  Themes of loss and moving on are usually good ideas to work with, but in this case, there are problems with the execution.

1.  First of all, Lacy/Lucy’s role is confusing.  What exactly is she hoping to accomplish by telling Aimee James is still alive?  What exactly is her connection with James?  These questions aren’t really answered.

2.  The two-year time frame is an issue.  Why on earth would someone wait that long to find out what really happened to their fiancé?

3.  Ian hangs in there with Aimee a lot longer than he should, and for Aimee to try to keep Ian at arm’s length and then suddenly decide to sleep with him is rather ridiculous.  I’m all for giving someone time to work through their issues, but there reaches a point when if someone is so indecisive and not able to move on, you need to move on.

4.  The f-bomb being thrown around and the gratuitous sex are issues.  This kind of content should at least fit in with the story and not be thrown in for no apparent reason.

5.  James’ family is just despicable.  Even the bad guys should have some good qualities or at least some understandable motivating factors and these characters do not have this.

6.  The epilogue is not plotted well; it appears to be tacked on at the end and adds to the confusion.

This would have been a better book with some editing; again, there is potential.  However, it’s not something I’d be interested in reading again.

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