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I apologize for disappearing lately. It’s summer, which means I’m trying to get some rest and enjoy the Greek sun and sea. We also have friends over, which adds to the temptation to drop everything and head to the beach. Plus, of course, I still need to work. And write. And enjoy the family, as Natalie, who is growing up so fast, has no school and needs to be entertained.

As a result, my writing has fallen way behind. Even with my blog, which I love, I have a ton of posts I want to share and never seem to find the time to do so. Does that mean that I’ve lost my passion for writing? Nah, I think that’s still there. But since I’ve now made a career writing SEO-friendly copy and write or edit some 40K words each month, I’d rather spend my free time doing something else…

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The Snow Gypsy

Rose is a veterinarian living in England at the end of World War II.  Lola is a young Gypsy living in Spain at the time of the Spanish Civil War.  She has lost her family.

Rose and Lola connect when Rose travels to Spain to try to find out what has happened to her brother, Nathan.  He went to Spain to fight against Franco’s politics and Rose hasn’t heard from him for eight years.  The women’s love for Nieve, a little girl Lola rescued as a baby after a massacre in her village further strengthens their bond.

The historical setting and descriptions of the Spanish countryside are interesting, as is the information about the Gypsy or Roma culture and the flamenco dancing descriptions.  I like Lola and Rose and the interaction between them.  I love Nieve, she’s a lively little girl, and I love Gunesh, Rose’s dog. 

I didn’t like the way Rose slept with not just one, but two men who weren’t honest with her.  I kind of understand where Zoltan is coming from.  He is ashamed of his past and doesn’t want to broadcast it.  He should have been upfront with Rose, however.  Cristobal is a jerk.  Of course, Rose chose to get involved with these men.  I understand it takes two.  This content didn’t add to or make the story better in my opinion.

More information about the Spanish Civil War itself would have been interesting.  The story focuses mostly on the characters, and while there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, more about the historical setting would have been good.  The ending is abrupt and unexpected.  There are a lot of years not accounted for between the last two chapters.

I did enjoy The Snow Gypsy for the most part, but it’s not a book I would go out of my way to read again.  I am interested in checking out some of Lindsay Jayne Ashford’s other books.

Wild Child by Katie Cross

Ellie and Devin have been best friends since childhood and plan to go to college together.  This changes when Devin decides to join the Marines (for a good reason-to help his family).  However, Devin doesn’t tell Ellie his plans until just before he’s supposed to leave.

Ellie is understandably upset about this and doesn’t attend Devin’s going away party in person but watches from a distance.  Ellie and Devin don’t speak for three years.  Ellie deliberately avoids situations where she might see Devin when he visits.  They finally reconnect and express their feelings.  Ellie and Devin have always loved each other and still do.  This is made more apparent when Ellie and Devin have to deal with some people who are into drugs.

Wild Child is a sweet, entertaining book.  I love the interaction between Ellie and Devin.  The importance of sharing thoughts and feelings and listening to another person’s side of the story is communicated well.  I love the mountain setting, and Ellie’s job as an outdoor guide is interesting.  I did wonder about her agreeing to take people she is getting bad vibes from on an outdoor guide, but at least Devin went with her.  The outdoor guide is an opportunity for Ellie and Devin to spend time together and help each other.

Wild Child is the sixth book in the Coffee Shop series another winner by Katie Cross.