Poets of the Lens – #Photography and #Poetry

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She captures Beauty Singing,

Mystery Winging,



Light Bringing,

Starlight Ringing;



He depicts Memory Listening,

Joy Glistening,

Renewal Christening;

.poets4 - Copy


They enmesh Reality

With Sweet Mesmeric Harmony




And Intrepidity

Frozen in Time’s Bounteous filigree



Poets of the Lens

Creating Tapestry


Care to see even more stunning photography? Stop by https://www.pinterest.com/cynthey728/simply-gorgeous/ 





Beautiful Photography found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Amazing original Photographers.


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A Beautiful Poison by Lydia Kang


In A Beautiful Poison, long-time friends Birdie, Allene and Jasper work together to solve the murder of Florence, a woman who is disliked by a number of people.  Things become complicated when several more people with close connections to the three friends die.

Pros:  The writing itself is very good and keeps the reader’s attention.  I like historical fiction, and the setting, New York (specifically Bellevue Hospital) in 1918 is interesting.  The author does a good job communicating the emphasis on social status that occurred during this time, and the scenes at Bellevue are well done.  The murderer doesn’t turn out to be who I thought it might be, and that is an interesting twist.

Cons:  The characters are not likable, and I had a hard time connecting with them.  I did understand Birdie better and how the abuse she suffered influenced her actions as the story progressed.  However, I believe stories work better if the reader can find something to like about the characters even if they are flawed.  Andrew, Birdie, Allene and Jasper are extremely self-centered and seem incapable of thinking about anything but their own agendas.  Allene redeems herself somewhat by taking care of Holly at the book’s conclusion, but I still didn’t care for her.  Ernie is probably the least selfish character, but I had a hard time understanding what he saw in Birdie, Allene and Jasper.

Overall, A Beautiful Poison is worth reading.  I would give the book a 4/5, and I would be interested in reading more books by this author.

Puns! Puns Everywhere!

I thought this was entertaining.

Nicholas C. Rossis

A few days ago, I was contacted by the good people over at The Salty Pun, who asked me to share some of their puns. Since you all seemed to enjoy the previous batch, I’m happy to oblige. My personal favorite? The pineapple one. It makes so much sense…

For many, many more puns plus some fun gift ideas, check out The Salty Pun’s  blog and galleries.

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